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Today is May 30, 2020
Royston Ang
Associate Marketing Director
CEA Licence No.:
L3008022J / R017794Z
Call (+65) 8569 8547
Welcome to My Website

When you think of Singapore,
You think of
1. High ownership of homes
2. High stability in terms of political, financial & economics
3. High quality of life
4. High Social security and personal safety
5. Committed for progression into the future for economic expansion and maintaining our position as a hub for several industries

Hi, when you talk to an agent, that agent must tell you what he/she believes and ask yourself if these values are important to you.

Life is simple. To me, nothing is more important than buying the right home.

a simple mistake in a property purchase might cost you 6 digits. What cost you more is when people fail to release that by hanging on to these properties, it cost them to be bitter and feel resentment.

It doesnt solve the root of the problem. Only by restructuring their portfolios, this will change the lives of their families.

My mission today is to reach out and assist my clients on how they can approach this subject and how they can plan for their future for the next 3/5/10 or even 20 years ahead.

This is only possible in Singapore as our government shares with us on what and how they are going to develop Singapore.

To know more about enblocs, we have to know some basics and trend with the local market of the Govt Land sale.
From there we can look at the supply chart and other data points to determine if it is a genuine case of over supply or lack of supply.

Always be curious and never stop learning. Be humble so others might teach you more.


The property cycles today are getting shorter and is the reaction time.

2 ways to approach this.

1. To be curious and continuously looking for hints via keeping up with the latest news

2. Buy real estate to wait and Grow rich while you rest in your sleep

If you're given 3 choices, which will you pick?

Whatever choice you've decided, I will work it with you and your current life priorities.

A sale is an end product of a process to source the property which will give my client the peace of mind + the feeling of home.

These are the 5 questions i will ask to my client if i am serving you.

1. Buy or Rent
2. Resale or BTO
3. Leasehold or Freehold
4. Breaking down hard data into Finger food size
5. Buying Right today, saves you from being priced out of the market
Featured Properties
For Sale

HDB Apartment

601D Punggol Central

Punggol Central

S$ 420,000

Starting from

For Rent

Light Industrial (B1)

3015A Ubi Road 1

Ubi Road 1

S$ 6,300 / month


For Sale



Mar Thoma Road

S$ 900,000

For Rent

Factory / Workshop (B2)

Lingjack Industrial Building

Woodlands Terrace

S$ 8,000 / month


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